Wednesday, December 17

Another cold one, a New Couch and an Ear Infection....

Oh Man..... Chilly is one word to describe it around here!! It's just bitter!! The high yesterday was 8 degrees F. I know some folks get less than that, but for me and mine, 8 is just TOO COLD!!! ;D My Mum had wished for "Just a Light Covering of Snow....." we got 4 inches!!; D Ah well, thought we, we won't have to go OUT in it! We'll just sit happily by the fire, sipping Hot Buttered Rum and chatting! :D We were also expecting the arrival of our new couch "Anytime between 2 and 4" so we figured we'd be waiting around anyway!! Weeeelllll this is just FINE, but what happens when your usually affable daughter beings to walk the house, crying and being grumpy and mean?? What happens when she tells you her ear "hurts AGAIN" and you suddenly remember that she never complains of being sick, she never whines about being ill and the last time you took her in, almost a year ago to the day, she had the Worst Ear Infection Ever and a 25% hearing loss!!! Sooo... at 2:10 I made an appointment for 4:20 ( knowing the couch had to come...!) and did my best for Jessie with warm olive oil and suggestions that she rest. I said to myself "Well, the couch should really get here by 2:30 .... 5 minutes later, it was here and we were sitting on it!! :D Whoot!! ;D It's a fancy electric reclining sofa... hmmm... yeah.... the kids don't play with it AT ALL.... they don't drive me bonkers with the zzzzzzzz.......zzzzzzzz....zzz.........zzzzzzzzzzzzz...... sound of the recliner drifting forward and back.... uuuup and down..... baaaaack.... baack.....back....fooooooorward...... AAAAGGGGHHH!! I've already threatened to yank the plug!!! ;D the sofa arrived and we lit the fire in it's honor! We all took turns trying it out and we began to realise that this would be the end of late night television for all of us! MAN that thing is comfy!

Meanwhile poor Jessie is in bits. I gather up my courage and strike out through the snow to get the van which I had moved to our lower driveway to allow the couch movers in. It's a trick to get our our drive as it's North facing and with the snow.... well it all drifts at the bottom. I know I shouldn't complain about the snowplough, but seriously, it sweeps by and piles snow upon snow at the top of the drive, so I have to fight one drift at the bottom, floor the van to get up the hill and bust through the snow at the top, being careful to not go so fast that I shoot across the road and into the opposite ditch!!! Always fun. Isn't this what I pay my husband for?!!? Anyway, I managed it!!! Whoooot!! :D I realised I was going to have to go into Super Target ( weeeeeeee! *waves tiny flag*) to get the prescription, but with it being so cold I didn't want Jessie to have to come in. I ALSO didn't want to leave her in the car without the engine running as she'd FREEZE and I didn't want to leave her in the car WITH the engine running for all sorts of fairly obvious reasons! Sooooo I had to pack Jack and Garry in the van too and we headed off to the Docs! I love our Pediatrician as they are so friendly and prompt! Jessie and I walked in, went right in, the doc looked in one ear, said "fine!" looked in the other and said, and I quote "Owie KazOwie!" Note to self, it's NEVER good when the Doc says "Owie Kazowie"!! He wrote a prescription immediately, wished us a Merry Christmas..... and we were off. Super Target is my Mecca and I love the place! I left everyone in the nice, warm van and headed in. It must be a busy time of year as they told me it would be "about 20 minutes!" .. now they could usually tell me it would be "about 8 hours" and I would say "OK!" and happily toddle off to shop, but of course today I wanted them to be as fast as possible because Jessie and everyone were waiting. I picked up a couple of essentials...... medicine, toothpaste, cheese, butter and spray whipping cream ( ! ) and then dotted off to Starbucks and picked up Egg Nog, Hot Chocolate and Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha!! ;D ( Sluuuurp!!) I slithered and slid back out the van and loaded them up with warm beverages and gave Jessie a dose of Tylenol. I still had to go back for the prescription so headed back into Target again! The poor Pharmacist was running around like a madman as they were concerned I was waiting too long and had family in the car! So sweet!! I told them there was no rush, everyone had warm coffee and would survive!! ;D He handed me the prescription and again, off I went! By the time I made it back to the van a second time, Jessie was like a new kid! She had been in such pain that the simple relief of the Tylenol had felt like a complete cure! Bless her! ... Sooooo we drove back home, this time in the dark and snow and cold. We resurrected the fire, switched on the tree lights, started dinner ( Cauliflower Cheese... Delicious! ) and settled in for the rest of the night!! aaahhhhh...... Later I did try and watch The Mentalist ( one of my fave shows! ) whilst reclining on the sofa, under a blanket, next to the fire. Yeah. Who was I kidding!!! I probably managed to keep my eyes open for all of 10 minutes !!! Lovely couch though!!! Can anyone tell me what happened on my show!?!?!? :D

Oh and by the way, here's a pic of one of our Christmas Trees... pretty eh?!

Have a great day! Stay cozy! : D


Alicia said...

I hope Jessie's better soon! Poor little thing! Everything else sounds lovely though!

Anonymous said...

hey mom ya I LOVE the coch!! :)