Monday, December 15

Brrrr and an update! :D

Oh boy....!! -3 F (-16 C) AND with a windchill which takes us to at least 20 below is enough for me to almost prefer the dog to crap on the carpet than to take her outside at 6:30 am clad only in flannel nightie, slippers, dressing gown, coat, hat, gloves and scarf!!! The wind whipping around my naked legs was just cruel and I found myself yelling at her "COME ON!!!! HURRY UP!!!!" Poor wee pet!! ;D I decided after she had peed I just didn't have the patience to wait for poop and we'd have to try again later when I was dressed!!! :D Hubby went out with her instead! ;D What a guy!!!

So I promised an update on our lovely weekend!! :D LOL!! Everywhere we stopped, gas station, furniture store, restaurant, hotel.... we told everyone that we were on a weekend away without the children. Someone asked me when the last time we had done that was and I replied "Hmmm... I think it was the 12th of NEVER actually!!" :D Since we had children we have never had a night away ! Oh it was lovely. Just to be able to go into every shop without waiting in the car with the kids! To be able to actually BROWSE a furniture shop ( we are looking for a reclining love seat ) without having to physically restrain one of the children from running off.... To be able to eat at a grown up restaurant without having to cut up anyone else's food and actually using cloth napkins!!!! At the hotel I told them, when we checked in, that it was our first weekend without the children and so on.... they upgraded us to an executive suite on the top floor! It's a private floor so we would not be disturbed!!!! Oh bliss!!! I just wanted to be able to sleep until I was ready to wake up rather than a child or a dog waking me!!

We did lots of shopping, we toured fancy malls ( oh so fabulous...! ), we drove through the city to check out the lights, we ate at fancy restaurants, we watched questionable movies, we soaked in the whirlpool tub..... oh boy.... it was just the best weekend.

Believe it or not, we really did miss the children! ;D Not so much that we wouldn't leave them again, but enough that we talked about them once in a while, we considered calling them ( but decided against it... best not to poke a sleeping bear, if you know what I mean! ) I figured they'd call us if there was a problem! :D When we got home they were very pleased to see us, and us them! They had made a thousand cookies and decorated them with various colored frosting, they had made origami this and thats and seemed to have had a good time! If nothing else, they were smiling, the house was still standing and they had eaten! All good as far as we were concerned!! The most telling part of the whole weekend for me was when Hubby asked Megan if she would be willing to do it again, maybe in February, as he said our relationship would really benefit from it! I guess he must have had a good time too then, eh?!! :D

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Alicia said...

Oh I'm so glad it was so great! It sounds really fabulous. I hope there are lots more to come in the future. :)