Thursday, December 18

One Week To Go ! :D

Yaaaaiiieeeeee!!! Only one week until Christmas.... deep breaths..... deeeeeep breaths..... remember your Lamaze breathing??? Heee heee heee heee hoo hoo hoo hoo hee heee hheee heee....etc! :D Actually I never did it, but I've seen it on plenty of lame movies to make ME a fake birth EXPERT! :D

Sooo.... today looks BEAUTIFUL outside! We had some snow the other day and now we have blue skies to make it just glisten and glimmer out there! The temp is holding around 10F at the moment but will probably go up as the day goes on! We're anticipating a freezing rain storm tonight ! ( Oh goody!) so I'm going to go out and fill the bird feeders, bring in fire wood and that's ALL today! :D Our advent To Do was make paper snowflakes today, so we'll do that, and we're also planning on making a gingerbread house with Garry too! Fun! :D

We flew too close to the sun yesterday... we took the kids shopping... to Kohls, to Panera, to Barnes and Noble, we waited in the car at Michaels whilst Garry ran in, then we all went to Super Target and met Daddy there... then onto Applebees for dinner. Yeah. Jack LOST it in Super Target... it was NOT a good AP occasion. Threats were exchanged... tears were shed.... I wasn't sure going to Applebees was even a good idea, but after Jack being so hard all day long, I wanted to not have to make dinner !!! Rex met us again latere at the restaurant and Jack .. well.. Jack was good as GOLD!! Lovely manners, singing to the Christmas music.... what a star. Tsk. Typical! :D I'm glad really. I don't want him to be miserable, but darn it, I wish he could be chipper when we drag him around the kitchen supplies, ladies shoes, towels, mens clothing, fabric and bedding departments....!! ;D Yes... I know.....!

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