Monday, December 15

So you're gonna play hardball eh?!

The Universe and I are playing a dangerous game! I'm thinking I'm going to get aaaaalll the stuff done I had planned to do before Mum gets in tonight and the Universe keeps trying to throw things in my way and cause me to freak out. I'm refusing so far! ;D

A simple 5 minute task of cleaning out a small fish bowl turned into a 30 minute epic when babies were discovered and my tiny and very handy fishing net "disappeared". The Universe has hidden it. It will show up tomorrow most likely. Exactly where I looked for it. As usual. I washed the bedspread off my Mum's bed as it looked like it could use refreshing... I tossed in a blanket that needed washing too. A green blanket. A hunter green blanket. Now I have a mint green bedspread. Gah. I'm washing it again in hopes that the dye will wash out. Hah. I went down into the nicely cleaned basement and followed a trail of cat poop out of the litter box and through the entire lower floor. God DAMN it. Now I have to vacuum the whole place again. Jackster has found an entire plate of Gingerbread cookies. And. Eaten. Them. All. That will make life easier in about 30 minutes when he goes HAYWIRE from all the sugar!!! :D The Universe is out to get me, but it won't win!! I have realised that my house is pretty nice as it is. It doesn't have to be spotless, it just has to be comfortable! The soup is cooking away in the crockpot, the trees look beautiful. There is hot tea, hot buttered Rum, Gin, Chocolate and warm soup. What more can anyone want!? Mum hasn't been here for over 2 years, I don't think she's going to be doing a white glove inspection!!! And guess what? If she did, the house would fail! I'll just tell her that and spare her the trouble!! I know that everyone in my house, including myself, would rather the house were a disaster but we were all relaxed when she arrives... and the house is not a disaster, even if I do nothing more! So there ya go... ** blows raspberries at the Universe** go bug someone else!!! ;P I'm NOT going to lose it! ;D

Happy sigh! ;D The good news is, the article I'm writing for the paper is coming along nicely. I just checked my word count...... 578. Required word count? 500 !! SwwwEEEEt !! ;D
Off to make another cup of tea, and maybe I'll pick up some stuff.... or not !! ;P


Alicia said...

Good attitude! I'm sure your mom will be thrilled that she gets to be with you all and it all sounds lovely. You've done miles better than most mere mortals already! :)

Special K said...

Calmness in the face of crisis! You are an inspiration (as usual!)