Tuesday, December 16

*Garry's Here!! :D

Well after a bit of a delay with the connecting flight Garry made it to very chilly Nebraska! :D

We're currently about to sample some Maple Cake and a cuppa tea and then head to bed! Jackster was such a sweetie! He'd fallen asleep on Daddy's lap before it was time to collect Garry, so he stayed home with Dad and Jessie and I braved the cold for the trip to the airport. When we arrived home the puppy woke Jack up by barking her head off! Jack was so happy to see Garry! he took her by the hand and led her around the house pointing out the trees and decorations and so on! He never said a word.... just pointed!! Finally he pointed up the stairs, put his hands on the side of his head to indicate "sleep" and basically asked Garry to take him to bed!!! He was quite clear that he did NOT want me there, just Garry!! :D Bless him!! He does love his Garry! :D

*Garry is how Jessie first used to say Grannie... and like all odd names, it stuck! :D

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