Saturday, December 13

Just A Quickie !! ( Ooo er missus!! )

Well...!! Megan, our dear, sweet, beloved Megan, is on her way soon to relieve Rex and I of our children for AN ENTIRE WEEKEND!!!! **blissful sigh** We LOVE Megan!! :D LOL!!

Rex and I are off shopping in Omaha, eating at a grown up restaurant and then spending in the night in a lovely hotel where we will SLEEP UNTIL WE ARE DONE SLEEPING!!!!!!! WhOOOoopiiiIIiiiEEEEE!!! :D I'm really looking forward to it and have my bag packed and by the door ready to go !! :D

I'm pretty spoiled really, (REALLY!?!) Last night my good friend Sandi ( yes, off the Hot Buttered Rum fame ) took me out to see The Santa Land Diaries, by David Sedaris. Hoo boy it was funny!! :D We went out to eat first and the service was a little slow ( to be fair we hadn't told them we needed to leave at a certain time so it was not their fault....) but anyway, we ran a little late with our food then we ran to the theatre... and went to the wrong place!! It was on the University Campus and neither of us know it well.. in fact I don't know it at all! :D So anyway, we missed our early show and were given tickets for the 10 o'clock performance! So be it! We went back to the restaurant we had just left, much to their confusion and surprise and some of the staff hadn't even noticed we had gone!!! We bought desserts and coffee's ( with a little Baileys... ) and sat and chatted for an hour or two until our show rolled around once more! ;D The staff were so sweet and felt bad that we had missed our show, so desserts were free!! ;D Yeahy!!! :D ** Happy sigh **

Anyway, the show was amazing and such fun, we laughed our socks off! :D I didn't get home until 1:00am but you know what? It was such fun that we both want to do it again sometime soon and I thought it was a tremendous way to kick off my fantastic weekend!! ;D

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend too! :D

Talk to you soon! ;D

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