Sunday, June 22

Busy Bees!

Wow yesterday was so busy I didn't even get time to post...!! This is a run down on what we did.....

First thing in the morning I went for a run and rejoiced in the fact that this would be the LAST morning I run in hiking boots as I planned on getting new running shoes today!!

After my run we had breakfast and so on, then I took Jessie down the street for a tour of the Brand New Water Treatment Facilities!! Whoo HOOO!! It's not every day you get to see something like that so we jumped at the chance! Here are some pics!!

It's not often you see balloons at the water treament plant!!

New pipes!! Whoo hooo!! ( and three new engines! )
Mmmmm.... sewage....!!
Oxygenating the organisms!

Year old sludge!! "}
Huge new generator!!!

After all that excitement we needed to get a little closer to the green side of nature, so we went over to our neighbors house and helped her pick cherries from her trees!

She has a bumper crop so we picked and picked and picked!

It was a gorgeous morning for it!

After the picking the cherries, a friend came over to drop off her pets...

a Guinea Pig ( called Tiffany! )

and a pretty little turtle ( named Katy! )

My friend is going away for a week so we are excited to have a couple more exhibits for our zoo!!! Jessie is doing a wonderful job taking care of all the animals. She makes sure each pet has fresh food and water twice a day! What a star she is!

After the arrival of the pets we packed ourselves into the van and set off into town to run some errands and to visit our mailman who is languishing in a hospital bed after a well meaning doctor found cancer in Postie's colon. Happily it has all been removed and the coast looks clear, but it's a scary thing and he had NO IDEA ... * sigh *. On a side note, when we arrived at the hospital two large fire trucks rolled up to the front entrance, sirens blaring the whole thing. I remarked to another woman that perhaps we shouldn't be going IN to the hospital!! :} I asked a nurse when we entered if there was a fire and she said "Oh, it's just on the women's tower....." Excuse me?? What does THAT mean?!?!? There IS a fire, but it's only WOMEN!?!??! What is your point here??!!?! I was Per Turbed!! Not half as perturbed as I was to find myself walking through all the modernisation of the hospital and realising I had come upon the very elevators we travelled in whilst I was in labor with Jessie!!! My uterus actually cramped!!!!

So! After our visit we went .... * drum roll please!! * to get my new running shoes!!!!! Yipppeee!!! And here they are.......!! * sigh* aren't they glorious?!?!?!

After the shoe shopping, then we went for some yummy vegan Mexican food at our favorite restaurant where we made PIGS of ourselves!!! But it was sooo good!! After THAT we stopped to get printer paper and ink and finally back home where the kids headed for the pool and hubby and I flirted a little whilst he trimmed the trees and threatened to lop off my rose bushes!!! It began to rain heavily so we bribed the kids to come indoors for some vegan Berried Treasure sorbet. ( delicious!! ) I put the kids to bed and promptly fell asleep with them... DANG IT!!..... Rex came to get me and I staggered downstairs only to collapse on the couch again ... I roused once when the cat WALKED OVER ME to get behind me, but other than that, I slept there until midnight!!! A HUGE roll of thunder woke me again and I was able to drag my sorry self up to bed!!!! Worn OUT!!!

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Debbie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!
What a lovely day in a great blog! I love how you documented so much of your day. I should do more of that because life is going by so quickly these days!
Those cherries look divine!