Thursday, June 26

Special Olympian!

We were at our favorite whole food coop yesterday when a lady approached me and indicated Jack

"Is he enrolled with the Special Olympics yet?"

(erm... he's FIVE......!!)

"Nooo....." I said. She went on to explain that she's a coordinator for the Special Olympics, and I told her how he's only little and couldn't POSSIBLY be in the Special Olympics yet...... however, I wondered. Perhaps she'd been watching me with him in the store. He'd make a good Olympian.... He took an orange from the stack and hurled it down the aisle with some force ( shot put ), He snatched a bread loaf from the shelf and ran off with it ( relay ) ... and BOY can that kid run .... ( sprint! ) So really I should chase the woman down and see what she can do with him!!! : D

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