Friday, June 27

I say Vegan, you say Cheese.

One of the tricky things about turning vegan is a) trying not to sound like a born again convert and b) trying to avoid cheese. Seriously. Cheese is everywhere. Well... you know... in food I mean. It's not like it's scratching at the windows trying to get in....

We like to get these delicious Burritos from our local Co~op and hubby offered to pick some up for us last night. He told the lady at the Deli.... "No Cheese, Vegan please".... and she dutifully made him up three huge and delicious burritos to take home to his eager and hungry family.

I tore off the wrappers, plonked the food onto the plates and we began to eat! I took a huge bite out of mine first...... GAH!!!!!!! CHEESE!!!!!!!!! Each one was liberally dosed with cheese. I told hubby and he said I should call them up and complain... they aren't cheap and it's sooo frustrating when someone can't follow a simple request. I called up and spoke to a manager there and explained that my husband had picked up our burritos for dinner and asked for no cheese and now they have cheese. I was upset as I would now have to try and make dinner and it was already getting late and they were wasted and fairly pricey. <> The manager was very nice and explained to me that the Deli manager was unavailable but would call me back as soon as possible and they were very sorry and would do everything they could to make things right for me.... and so on. I was happy with her response and hung up, vaguely irritated, but the promise of a refund AND free Burritos lifted my spirits. I scraped all the cheesy beans and filling out of the tortillas and heated up beans and salsa. I chopped up onions, spinach, red pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes and filled the tortillas back up, sprinkling them with sunflower hearts before rolling them into Burrito shapes. They turned out very tasted and I prided myself on staying relatively calm and making lemonade out of lemons so to speak. I was half way through my dinner when the phone rang. I picked it up and it was the Co~Op. The manager calling me back. I was pleased, prompt service and I should think so too. The manager went on to tell me that she had spoken with the young woman at the Deli ( Oh good. I should hope so. ) and the woman had informed her that my husband had said "No cheese, Vegan cheese..." *ah* I fell silent. Somewhat mortified. Turns out the woman at the counter had misheard Rex and used Vegan cheese in our Burritos. I closed my eyes and thought of all that yumminess scraped into the trash can. "Oh. Well. That explains it all and makes a lot more sense, doesn't it! Thank you so much!" I said, as breezily as I could.

I carefully hung up the phone.... no refund, no free Burritos.... just a lingering foolish feeling.


Barb said...

If I'd been the woman at the counter, I would've asked "so you want vegan cheese?" after hearing "no cheese". Just makes sense.

What, may I ask, are sunflower hearts? :D

Gorgeous. said...

Barb, that would have made sense to me too! ;D

Sunflower hearts are just the insides of sunflower seeds... no husks! They are so tasty! :D

Niecey said...

Mmm sounds yum. I wouldn't have thought to add the spinach, sounds like a good little creation. Nice on the spot thinking there Mama, you saved the day. Free burritos and money back sounds like a good deal.
I know how annoying it is though. I've asked for vegetarian things before, and asked for just beans and no meat or whatever, and been served something full of meat. It's happened a number of times. Very annoying. (not at OH though, I've never actually done the deli there, though I've heard its scrummy). Some people just don't get it.

Stephanie S. said...

oh, dear.
and oof! too.

Glad you left me a message so's I could come visit. :)
(not my first trip, but I haven't left a comment, before.)

An' I'll be adding you, since you so graciously added me! :)

You do have non-veggie friends, right??? Does it help that I'm crazily inconsistent and believe in not harming any living thing? :/

:) A hopeful Stephanie

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks Niecey and Stephanie. It is pretty frustrating to carefully order something and have them get it WRONG!! The same happened the other day, I ordered a family sized pizza, Vegetable, 3/4 no cheese, 1/4 cheese ( for hubby. ) Hubby brought it home... 3/4 cheese, 1/4 no cheese. *sigh* IDIOTS!! We had to drive all the way back into town, have them make ANOTHER ONE and come back again!! *sigh!!*

And Stephanie... yes... I have lots of non veggie friends and I love them just as much as my Vegan friends!! ;D LOL!! Thanks for stopping by!!!