Monday, June 23

Doh! A Deer!!!

Well, this morning actually... we had a Doe and... AND her fawn cross the path in front of us!!!!!! OH MAN!! And my camera??? Yes? What had happened to the camera that captures every minuscule moment of our daily lives?? What of it???? It was 'fulled up' !!! 'D I had JUST taken another ( ANOTHER ) photo of my kids pulling each other in the wagon and my memory card was full! This monster holds well over 700 photos... and I had not ONE left to capture the beauty that was just standing there in front of us...GAH!!!! I knew I could fiddle around and delete some pictures, but I knew that then I would have my head in my camera and not on the deer and I'd miss all the action!!!

Ah well. Jessie felt bad that I couldn't take a picture but I told her it was ok... we saw it with our eyes and now it's in our memories... and she said "yeah, and they can never be deleted...." !!!


Alicia said...

Sorry you couldn't get a picture, but what a neat thing! Sometimes I'm almost glad not to have the camera because then it's a real memory I have to take the time to savor. How cool that you saw the fawn too!

And congrats on the running shoes! You're really kicking butt with this running thing. :)

Melody said...

Oh isn't that *always* the way??

That has happened to me before, no camera in hand when I spotted my first Cassowary (a huge non-flying rare bird found in the tropics of Far Northern Queensland) in the wild. *urgh*

Niecey said...

Ugh I know how it goes. my camera is never available when I NEED it. something will go wrong, like the battery will run out or something. Good old Murphey and his law.
Sounds like a beautiful vision though. I just love deer so much, they are so awe inspiring to watch.