Saturday, June 28

Horsey Horsey don't you stop!

Or... rather.... Horsey Horsey don't you dare throw my girl off your back you four legged beast of burden! ;D
Jessie LOVES her riding lessons. For a while Jack was going too and he'd have a quick ride on the horse and LOVED it..... These days Rex takes Jessie to her lesson and I stay home with Jack. After the lesson they usually go out to the lake and eat cookies whilst watching the wildlife together. It's a nice bonding time for them.

Jessie has been aching to canter for months. MONTHS. Last lesson her Daddy took her along, then left to run a quick errand and collected her when she was finished riding. Turns out, after all that time, that was the day she was allowed to canter. And no one saw it. :(

This week Jessie was DETERMINED that no one should miss her proud moment, so Mommy, Daddy and Jack ( Oh, AND the dog! ) dutifully piled into the van, with cameras in hand of course, and headed off to the ranch! It was a glorious day, sunshine and blue, blue sky. We could see for miles. We leaned on the fence and got to watch as my little girl rode at speed on the back of this beast!! :D To be honest, Cash is a sweet boy, but I've seen her fall off once and have a horse bolt with her hanging on for dear life, (... another reason why Rex takes her to class now....!!) it's scary stuff for me!

Here are some pics of the horse riding heroine!!!
In this one the horse has only one foot on the ground!
Look at that mane fly!
The satisfied grin!!

... and the pleased as punch smile! :D

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