Friday, June 20

Jack, Jack the Fisherman...

So I was sitting at the computer last night, reading blogs probably, and noticed that Jack was very quiet. Hmm. Turning around I see why. The young chap is trying his hand at fishing... in the fish bowl!!! I'm not sure if he thought that by throwing in the entire ball of string he would be able to scoop the fish out, or whether he thought they might swim into it, but he kept stuffing the ball into the bowl and whizzing it back out again. He would peer at it, shake his head, "nope" and stuff it in again!! :D I thought it was hilarious! :D

Here he is, patiently waiting for a bite!
Finally he figured that the ball method wasn't working, so perhaps just LOTS of strings might tempt them!!!
Sadly for Jack, the fish weren't biting. Maybe next time?! :D


Melody said...

That is hilarious. Truly. Better luck next time.

Niecey said...

Very creative indeed!