Tuesday, June 24

At 4:11 am the National Weather Service....

...issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning... and again at 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15..... and so on!! ;D Not the BEST way to start the morning !!! At 4:17 the dog barked. Just once. I ignored it. She sometimes does just one woof. A minute later she did it again. This usually means trouble, so I got up and went down to see if she needed to go out. Nope. Apparently she just didn't like the storm and wanted a cuddle. I obliged! I wandered into the kitchen to watch the storm rage out the window and THANK GOD the light from the street was enough to illuminate a dark patch on the kitchen floor. Kitty puke. SO happy I didn't find it with my bare feet !!! I cleaned that up and wandered back to bed. I managed to get back to sleep but leaped to my feet in an instant after hearing one of the kids yell "MOOOOOOM" !!! I jumped up and tore out the room and found both kids sound asleep. The CAT however, was sat looking askance in my bedroom having come in to say Hello! 'D (Stoopid cat! )

So... my morning routine was delayed by a couple of hours... I got my new shoes wet by running in the rain, but they were up to the challenge and performed mightily!! :D I came home and tried a couple of different workouts.... the Salsa workout?.. not for me. Denise Austin's Power Yoga and Pilates? ... Perhaps... if I can get over her CONSTANT talking and breathy voice!! Man that's annoying!!! Once I get the hang of it I can always mute it I'll bet! That will work! Oh! and on another note... does anyone else find that those little ear buds on MP3 players are TOTALLY irritating?!?! Is it just ME?!? They won't stay in my (tiny delicate) ear 'oles. I mean honestly, I'm concerned. Did my ears fail to grow properly? Do I have the ears of a mere child?!?!? I get frustrated at trying to run and fiddle around with the ear pieces. I've considered using a band aid to tape the things to the side of my head.... but fear I'd get hit by a car and not have to worry about wearing shabby knickers, but rather having to explain the band aids...especially as they would likely be either Disney Princess ones or Pixar Cars!! ( My hubby had to go to work with Snow White wrapped around his finger one morning!!) .... ( I suppose there are worse things...!!?!? )

Well I've rambled on some today... I guess breakfast is in order and no doubt, laundry, school, errands, etc etc !!! :D

Have a great day!!! (Oh go on!!!)

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Alicia said...

Nah, we hate the ear buds too. We've opted to look like 80's throwbacks and use headphones instead, though that might not work as well for running!

Surely there must be a brand that has come up with GOOD ear buds for an extra few dollars though. If only there were some man in your life who liked to pamper you with presents..... ;)