Monday, June 23

I'm gonna put on... my my my my my running shoes

.... and boogie all by myself I suspect! ;D

I took my new shoes out for another run this morning and this time I took a longer route. When I got close to home I detoured again and went further still!!! I'd warned Jessie to expect me to be about 30 minutes ( as I figured I'd probably have to walk some of it ) but in fact I made it back in 15. I quickly drove the route to measure just how far it was and it was 1.5 miles!!! Now, to the seasoned veterans out there ( Sarah again ) 1.5 miles isn't much, but to me, it's awesome!! LOL!! ;D I have been running .8 of a mile so I'm getting there! To be honest I could have kept going and going this morning! I felt great! And, as Sarah says, "It's not something I ever regret doing! I don't ever run and say "Well! I wish I hadn't done THAT" !! " ( she's so wise!! )

After my run I came home and checked in with the kiddoes!! We recently picked up a carton of Enriched CHOCOLATE Rice Milk and I'm happy for the kids to drink it as it's full 'o' Vitamins ( and yes, I said Vit~amins, not Vite~amins!!) so they were amazed when I agreed to let Jack have chocolate milk on his cereal this morning!! LOL!! I love freebie "Great Mom" moments like that!!! It's almost TOO easy!!!!

I headed down to the basement to work out a little and this time tried a Pilates DVD I had forgotten about. Sheesh. I know why I'd forgotten about it!! The woman is a Nazi!! She's so "Bendy" !!! ( who says that? Anyone know?!) and she's so serious and MEAN!! Hmph. I'm going back to Tammi Lee and her Buns of Steel at this rate!!! I don't want to be bossed about on my time!!!!! So anyway, I forced myself through the Pilates but man did I mutter about it and now the day is my own! Sort of!!

Monday is whole house cleaning day ( Flylady anyone? ) so we're stripping the beds, washing the floors, cleaning the windows, sorting out magazines, emptying trash, "hoovering" the house, doing the laundry and taking in the recycling. Then, after lunch, we'll have some fun!!! I've almost got the whole house clean under control... it sort of depends on how the weekend went. If the kitchen was clean on Sunday, then the house takes care of it's self on Monday. That is not usually the case!! :D We need to walk the dog this morning too... nearly forgot about that! ( sorry dog! ) The kiddies will no doubt want to swim again, the neighbor has more cherries she needs to pick and I have another bucket full to pit. Hmmm... what else.... Oh, plants to water, fish and rat cages to clean out AND another neighbor came over last night to ask if we could watch HER Guinea Pig for a couple of days!! It really is a zoo here!!! :D

Well, I suppose I should get off the computer and get myself some breakfast.

Have a super day everybody! :D


dyln said...

Wow, Tiffany! I'm proud of you for taking the initiative to run. I HAD to run 1.5 this weekend for Guards and about died, but I finished. As wiped out as I was, I felt GREAT, the rest of the day. I will get back into it, because I know it's so good for me. I'm inspired by you!!!

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks Brendy! :D I'm pretty dang proud of myself and it's nice to be an inspiration!! ;D