Sunday, November 11

Helpful sisters...or something.....!

Beans is a sweet and helpful little girl but she is cursed with her parents wicked sense of humor!! Recently she was very kindly helping me by taking her little brother to the bathroom where he proceeded to "Pook". The little man puts a great deal of effort into his "Pooks" so much so that his eyes tend towards the bulgy side and his face takes on a rather puce hue. This alarmed his sister so that she warned him "If you keep pushing like that, your head will pop off!!"......


You can not imagine what happens to the psyche of a small boy who is told his head may well just blow off his shoulders at a moment's notice. He had never had the slightest trouble at toilet until that afternoon..... the next day.... no Pooks. The following day... no Pooks.... I smelled trouble ( amongst other things ) and had to scour my brains ( and my parenting tool box ) for the answer. Naturally I tried being reasonable... "...honestly honey, your head really won't blow off, silly Beans was just kidding.....!!!" No go. I tried dire warnings...." You know, Bud, if you don't pook then your tummy will get really sore and you will have to go to the doctor....." Nada. Suddenly I was smacked with a dose of AP inspiration!! ..."How about if I hold your head on and make SURE it won't blow off.... would THAT work?!?!! " Ta~DAH!! Success!!! :D So now, when he has to pook, he's very certain to ensure I have a good grip on his bonce so it isn't going to explode!!! ( He won't still do this when he's 27 will he???!!)

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