Thursday, November 15

AP Moment of the day~ Boys. Loving the devil and an angel at the same time.

Oh boy. My son .......... !! Some years back my husband said he only wanted to have our daughter. He was happy with just one child and didn't think we "needed" another. I, on the other hand, was in that hormonal stage of "I HAVE to have another baby NOW"....... know.. when you are screaming at your husband that you are ovulating and you must have sex IMMEDIATELY !! "JUST DO IT WILL YOU and HURRY UP!!!"? Mother Nature's vile trick. You want to get pregnant and are ovulating so instead of being seductive and alluring you screech at your husband that you just don't CARE if he's tired from putting on a new roof and you could care less that he just walked sixteen miles up hill when the car broke down, in the snow, and the dark.... Now now NOW damn it!!! ......
You don't know what I mean?!
Must just be me then.

Oh look at that... I'm digressing!!! :D

OK, so, after a lovely evening of romance, candle light, soft music and flowers and hardly any screaming ( !!! ) we conceived our boy.
Babies are all about the same in that they demand your attention on a pretty much full time basis to start with, but they begin to grow out of it and become easier to handle as time passes. ( or so the myth goes...!) Captain Destructo was the same way. He needed lots of our attention when he was younger, but he was adorable so we forgave him that and were happy to provide it for him! He is now 5. LOL!! That phrase alone says so much. HE meaning we have a male of the species and IS NOW meaning he's lucky he made it this far and 5 well... he's five years old... that's why they call the worst Tornadoes F5. They mean it's like a ton of 5 year old boys descend on your small town and go nuts!! My little guy is amazing in his capacity for destruction. Most recently he has written on the walls with permanent black marker (you know, those pens that stink to high heaven as they have soooo many vile chemicals in them.... yeah... one of THOSE black markers...) the walls weren't the worst of it either.... the carpet.... books..... and my favorite, brand new to me, Pine Dresser. All Over It.

Yet still he lives. Thank God for Mr Clean Magic Erasers that's all I can tell ya. When he's tired, he throws things, anything. He beaned his Dad in the head only last night with a remote control unit. ( Ironically I've wanted to do the same thing to his Dad for YEARS !!) His idea of playing cars is to smash them into each other as hard as possible whilst giggling manically. If his sister is reading a book and he wants her attention for some reason, he will snatch the book out of her hands and THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE!!! He plays hard and is STRONG as an OX. If he decides he doesn't want to get in the cart at the store, well, he won't. It's a battle, every day! BUT, and this is the part that gets me the most, he is a sweetheart. He will bring you cookies, ( and of course will make sure he has one too! ) he will bring you a book and say "Weed it a me??", he falls asleep in your arms sucking on the back of his hand. He gives soft kisses, he says "I lub you" and "You wok Mama!" ( when pressed!) and he has a smile that could melt stone. His chubby little arm wraps over my neck when I lay down with him at night and I remember that this is why we keep him. .... and also why we still have Daddy!!

Boys. Can't live with 'em, can't pay anyone else to take 'em!!!


Stacy said...

Oh, that remote control comment of yours is totally hilarious! And so so so true!! LOL!

Leslie Kauffman said...

"You wok Mama!" -- that is so sweet I can hardly stand it. You do wok, Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Yes Gorgeous.. you DO wok - just like YOUR mama!!!! (Mama pronounced mamarrrrr!!!) :) Fab blog - you should take up writing when you have a mo'!!!!