Saturday, November 10

AP Parenting moment of the day ~ Play builds connections

I am moderator of an online AP reading list and we are currently covering the book Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen PhD. I have read this book a couple of times and I really did enjoy it. I am finding myself loving it all over again this time around. Today I had the chance to spend some playtime with Captain Destructo and found myself seeing it in a whole new light. This morning my boy wanted to play cars ( really?!!? GOSH I am shocked!!!!) and so, in a new spirit of "playfulness" I "willingly" agreed!!! He likes you to sit on the floor and he sits across the room and sends his truck to you, then you have to send it back.... and ... so... it .... goes.... on......!! ;D Actually it's not a tricky game and if he doesn't get it right to you then he jumps up and gets it and sends it to you again!! LOL!! :D I sat on the floor, wrapped in a throw, sipping tea and playing with the little guy!!! I remembered in chapter one the author described how the act of throwing a ball back and forth builds a connection with your child and I know this is a big deal for my guy. His language skills are not the best, sometimes he is quite hard to understand, but he can say "Play Cars" very clearly! The game of "cars" doesn't involve a lot of speaking, the rules are simple and don't require much in the way of clarification or debate. He sends me the car, I send it back. It's his language. It's how he "talks". He really loves to have folks sit and play cars with him and frequently insists his Daddy plays cars with him in order to stop him leaving for work in the mornings!. This isn't cars anymore, this is I love you and you love me too.

... maybe he'll let me play again tomorrow....

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