Friday, November 16

AP Moment of the day~ Taking care of you....or sex from the freezer

mmmmmmmm.......!!! It is only right that I share this with you! My hubby brought home this deliciousness last night and I had TWO BOWLS of it!!! If it were another man I'd have packed my bags and waved sayonara with nary a backward glance!! ;D Luckily for hubby (!!??!) it is only ice cream and it's glory can safely be contained in the chilly depths of the freezer and, if necessary, behind locked doors. The fridge lock is usually to keep the kids out ..this week it will serve a dual purpose!!! What is this delight you ask?! Well, I'll tell you, but only because I like you...It's Starbucks Coffee Almond Fudge Ice Cream!! Isn't he dreeeeeamy?!?! ** swooon ** Chocolaty Covered Almonds and Fudgy Swirls in Creamy Coffee Ice Cream.....!! Come To MAMA!!!!! ;D

And now, you must excuse me.... this is where it's rated!! ;D......

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