Wednesday, November 14

AP Moment of the day...Homeschooling.

Or, you might be a homeschooler when....
i) your child informs the pediatrician that she has Anosmia... and he's impressed... and a little dumbstruck!!
ii) your son leans over the toilet bowl to inspect his "Pook" and proudly proclaims "LOOK!! an "L" "..... (Learning to read the toilet bowl way...)
iii) your 8 year old daughter spends more time cooking in the kitchen than you do....( now if I could get her to clean house, I'd be set...!!)
iv) a local resident INSISTS that you run a daycare from your home up the street DESPITE your protestations to the contrary ( I'm not kidding either!!!)
v) you are SHOCKED if you accidentally end up at the zoo / swimming pool / museum / mall on a weekend at how MANY PEOPLE there are out!!
vi) you drag yourself out of bed in the morning at 8:00 and realise that the school bus has already left and you smile because you just. don't. care!
vii)you constantly worry if your child is really learning anything.
viii) you compare every child you see on TV, in the grocery store, on the street and mentally check to see if your own is on par or ahead ( and you secretly hope for ahead...!) (but you don't admit that to anyone...especially other homeschoolers.... )
ix) you use the dead rabbit in the street as a lesson on decomposition each morning when you go for a walk! ("deeeead Bunny" ** to be said in a gentle, sing~songy type voice! **)
x) you worry that your child might watch a little too much TV but then are amazed when they tell you facts you were completely unaware of that they picked up from Arthur or Curious George of all things. Again, completely serious. ( see my dead pan face...?!?!)
xi) your child squats down and picks through unidentifiable road kill to determine which animal it was and brings home some tiny bones to peer at through the microscope. Yup.... again... totally serious. (xi) a) you worry that maybe you all spend far too much time around road kill...!!.)
xii) Social Studies is when you try and teach your son how rude it is to stick his tongue out at the nice man bagging the groceries... no matter what sort of a mood he may be in.
xiii) finally you aren't a real homeschooler until you have seriously thought you might be insane and found yourself considering just HOW quiet it would be during the day.. how many books you could read, movies you could watch, shops you could peruse, coffees you could drink with your friends and have found yourself leaning out of the van window at 60 mph screaming at the school bus to pull over because you have a couple extra kids that need to get on!!!!

***disclaimer.. Not all AP parents are homeschoolers... and not all homeschoolers are AP... but a lot of them are... this post is for them! ;D ***

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Alicia said...

Love your list! Some from me....

1. You have ever found yourself completely overwhelmed, yelled "recess time!" and shoved your children out the back door.

2. You've paused CSI to talk about UV light, stomach acid or liver temperature with your children.

3. Your kids jump up and down about going to the library, museums and other educational places every single time.

4. You've gotten down on your knees with your children on the beach to excitedly poke a dead jellyfish with a stick!

5. Your kids don't have any idea what's in fashion and think it's crazy to care.