Monday, November 12

AP Parenting Moment of the day ~ taking care of you!

I drive myself crazy with my house and the kids... We homeschool so we are all in and around the house a lot. The place is a disaster zone this week and all my routines are shot!! The kitchen.. Oy... I can't even begin to describe it... if the house is untidy I am untidy! I can't focus in a messy house, so I need to clean it up before I can do anything else... of course I am busy cleaning one area and the children are industriously creating mayhem in the next!! I MUST come up with a system for housekeeping / homeschooling / parenting / wife~ing... it's well nigh impossible to be all things to all people... and what about ME?! :D So.. right now, this is ME time. The house will wait and the kids and dog have been instructed to run around outdoors until they have rosy cheeks!!! They look rather pasty to me and I don' t like to see that in kids!!! They need a healthy glow!! :D ... and.... the carpets need a good Vacuuming.... back to work....!!

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Heather said...

Hey Gorgeous, when you figure out the recipe for this, let me know. You described our household situation right now, and it is making me batty. I think organization is the key...but where to start in the midst of chaos.