Thursday, February 21

Ever have a snow storm and no body came?!?

Today was the Day of the Big Snow.  Pffffttt.   We were ready, Baby.  We had supplies.  We had enough food and toilet paper to last us a month.  Ok, I lied, enough to last us through the weekend.  We  were all set to get snowed in and then THIS happened.....


And so we waited.  And crossed our fingers.  We're all big kids in our house and we love a good storm.  A snow storm means log fires, hot cocoa and snowman building.  The piddly ass snowfall we got was not going to cut it and we were steamed!!!  Ok, I was steamed.  And I'm betting some Jose's in Lincoln are going to be pretty well p'o'ed too since they shut down / left early / closed schools / cancelled events....!! Now, to be fair, more snow is expected tonight so I hope to wake up to drifts up the wazoo.  Or at least halfway up the door!!  

So, in other news.... this is totally happening....

Up on all fours, Baby...!  Oh no you don't!!!
Millie thinks she is going to crawl!!!  I think not!!  If I keep her off the floor she can't learn to crawl.. and then she can't learn to walk and then she can stay my baby for ever and ever.... right?!? :D  Uh oh...!!

So basically the day just sort of passed itself along.  We spent much of our time moving from one window to the next checking to see if there is more snow on THIS side of the house...  Pressing our noses onto the cold glass straining to see into the sky hoping desperately for the "Heavy Snow" we were promised!!! ;D   I managed to get a couple of rows of crochet done as I baked the potatoes for tea.  I read a little Magic Tree House book to Jack (not all of it, just some....) and I also managed to sneak in a 20 minute nap.  Only 20 minutes because Millie woke up from her nap... I'd have taken a four hour nap if she had let me! 

Anyway, bed time for Jack is here and he's asking me to sit and snuggle with him. He loves me to hold his hand as he falls asleep...!  

So I best go.. goodnight all!  Stay cozy!

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