Wednesday, February 20

Jack's P Bag.

:D   Don't you just love a title like that!?! :D

Another simple and yet lovely day!  AGAIN with the tea and the emptying of the dishwasher! Actually the day started a bit earlier than that with Miss M waking up at 6:30.  I brought her back to bed with me and fed her and as she dozed off I played some Words with Friends games on my iPod.  Seems all my friends play in the wee hours of the morning or in the latter hours of the night!  I was enjoying the peace in the soft glow coming from the machine when suddenly there was this HORRENDOUS blaring noise!  It was so loud I couldn't even figure out what it was or where it was coming from.  I could also hear some sort of shocked grunting sounds and then suddenly the noise stopped.  I realized, slowly, as my senses returned, that it had been Jessie's alarm clock. ..  which had clearly and obviously inadvertently, been turned up to it's fullest!!  Poor kid!  I'll bet she nearly ... well... I bet it gave her quite the surprise!!  So yeah, there was that....!!

The empty P bag!
Anyway, after we got the day going and I started some Quinoa for breakfast (... oh yeah... Quinoa and Parmesan cheese... breakfast of champions baby!!  ( and I was out of bread and grapefruits...!)) I turned my attentions to my boy.  He generally gets by with flying under the radar ( except when he is constantly asking for food!!  "I'm HUNGRY here!!"  he will declare when I walk in the room... and most of the time he doesn't even  lift his head when he says it!!!   Poor boy is always half starved!!  Aaaaanyway, this time I was ready for him.  I pulled a brown paper bag out of the pantry and taped a ziplock bag to the front.  I got an index card and a sharpie and asked Jack to think of a letter.  "P!"  he decided.  I wrote P on the card, tucked it into the ziplock bag and told him to go around the house and fill the bag with things that start with P.  He was quite happy to do so, and off he went!

Jessie got to work on all things Algebra and then later continued with her Zombie romance.  I got Millie  in to her swing for her nap and then worked on a booklet I'm putting together for April ( the friend, not the month!) for when she comes to stay at our house.  I want her to be able to find anything she needs and to be able to operate the TV and stuff... don't you HATE going to someone's house, thinking you might sit down and watch a show and then you discover.... dun dun duuuuunnnnnn..... about 64 remote controls and you haven't got a bloody clue which one does what.....?!?  I've totally done that before and ended up sitting picking my nails all bloody night long.  ( I was babysitting years ago...!)  Ho hum.  So anyway, that sort of thing is what I want to avoid happening to her!

Just a quick torture session trim!
Before long lunch time came around and after that it was time to shave the dog.  Ha.  Not quite.  It was apparently time to pull her nails out... nope... not that either... but it was dang hard to keep hold of her.  Poor pooch has knots in her ears and it's a job getting them out.  I finally got the scissors and gave her a good hair cut.  She looks so CUTE with the hair cut around her ears!!!

Watch this space....!!

The TV news people and everyone online were all a buzz about a giant snow storm named Q, that is headed our way.  We've all heard it all before though so no one really knows just how much snow to expect.  My friend Diana said she heard on the radio we are to expect anything from 3 inches to 45 feet!!!  Har har....!  A nice snow would be fun.... but also a pain in the rear.  So I guess we'll just see.  Hubby came home loaded with supplies though.... bread, cheese, and chocolate.  What a guy!

And this space....!
So anyway, back to the P bag!! :D  Jack found all manner of objects that fit the bill.... a pillow, some pencils, a jar of Peanut Butter, Perry the Platypus and Agent Panda....  then a rope, a tape measure, a candy wrapper and Mario.   Hmm.... what's your thinking Jackster?!  Turns out rope, tape and wrapper all have P IN them and Mario....??

He's a Plush toy... AND a Plumber!!!  Aha!!  Do NOT underestimate that kid!!! :D  He really enjoyed that game so tomorrow we're going to try it again... he thinks the letter B next time..!! :D  ( No other letter is as fun to say as P Bag.. :( )

Toodles, Peeps!!!  :D

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