Tuesday, February 19

A full day!

Well hang on to your hats folks, this was a really busy day!  It started at 5:30 when Millie woke with a horrible cough.  She's been coughing for a few days but now it really seemed to have settled in her lungs.  We had a well child visit scheduled for tomorrow but I didn't like the sound of her cough and knew I'd want her looked at today.  I called the PD office at 6am and left them a message asking them for an appointment as soon as possible.  Once again Jess brought us tea and she tidied the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher...!!  She also got Jack up and dressed and made him breakfast!  I'm loving this!!  Every morning we wave off hubby as he goes off to work,

this morning Jessie captured my silhouette as I stood in the window watching him head out the door.

After breakfast I remembered I had downloaded a free Algebra app that I thought Jessie might like.  I showed her how to use it and away she went!  She was determined that she wanted to be mopey today, she wasn't feeling very chipper so was very frustrated to find that, thanks to the new app, she
was ENJOYING doing algebra and being successful was making her
HAPPY!!  LOL!!  Funny girl!

Jackster was watching Curious George on PBS and they were talking about Nocturnal and Diurnal so I took that as an opportunity to teach him something.  I took a piece of paper and had wrote Nocturnal on one piece and Diurnal on the other and had him practice copying the writing.  Then he had to draw an animal that suited each word.  He drew a fantastic Owl for nocturnal and a squirrel in a tree for diurnal! ;D

Jack's Owl! 
I decided to quickly check my email and found one from the place where Millie went to get her picture taken last week...!!  Her photos were in!!!  (The link should take you to the slideshow! **edited for password...  bakertiffany2013  **) Oh boy!!  They were LOVELY!!  Images for a Lifetime did a fabulous job with her pictures!  I was blown away! THEN the mail came and our Shutterfly photo book we made recently arrived too!!!  What a day for photographs!  I really liked the Shutterfly book... we'd got a Groupon and used it to make the book and I think it came out really well!

Millie's appointment was scheduled for 2:00 and Hubby said he would meet me there so I knew I had to leave about 1:30.  We played around with algebra for a while longer ( !! ) and then I made some lunch. Jessie and Jack love Kale chips so I made some of those... Jack loves blueberries too so his lunch ended up being kale chips, an orange and a stack of blueberries!  Talk about your healthy eating!!  I had some warmed up homemade Leek Soup which was pretty flipping delicious too!

"Instagram is down!!  Just DESCRIBE your lunch to me!!"

After lunch I headed out with Millie and we went to the doctors.  I love our pediatrician.  He's a super man.  So kind, he has a lovely manner, the children adore him and he is so gentle and patient.  He is also happy with my no vaccines approach and declares the best medicine to be no medicine.  What a guy!  He took one look at Millie and said "She's BEAUTIFUL!!"  and I know he must say that to all the parents of baby girls but it's lovely to hear it! We weighed and measured her (she's 15 lbs 3oz ) and he listened to her chest and said that she did have some nasty rattling in her lungs and said she had a touch of RSV and Bronchialitis.

Millie loved the neat friend she met at the doctor's!

He gave her a breathing treatment and listened again.  This time it sounded much better.  We decided that since she was in such great spirits ( he marveled that there was anything wrong with her at all as she was having such a great time tearing up the paper that covers the bench) perhaps she was on the mend and that we would refrain from any more treatments unless she gets worse.  I thought that sounded very reasonable!
Kissy face!

wrecking the joint!

                 Hubby and I went our separate ways after the appointment.. him to work and me back home.  When I got back it was time for the bookmobile so back out to the car with our books and we drove the few blocks to the van.  It is still waaay too cold to be outside for long but I still feel crazy driving such a short way!  If you look outside it's blue sky and sunshine... don't let it fool ya!  20 degrees with a nasty windchill and you'd soon regret that "quick walk" ! :D  The bookmobile did it's thing and we soon had our arms full of books!  We just love that place!!  Jessie got a book about Zombie love that she dove into no sooner had we opened the door!

A neighbor lady had come by and left us some more coupons for the military so I picked those up and a pair of scissors, made a cup of tea, grabbed a cookie, put the left overs from yesterday back on to warm up for dinner, popped on an episode of Raising Hope and that's how hubby found us when he got home from work.  After dinner we impressed Rex by telling him that Jessie had done 30 algebra equations today and only stopped because the free version of the app we bought only HAD 30 questions.... yep... we bought the full version and Jess spent an hour or two working on those before bed!!  Algebra!!  Who'd have thought!?! :D

So once again this brings me to the end of my day... Millie is still up tonight, I can hear her playing with Rex in the other room.  She's giggling and he's playing Peek a Boo.  ( He just called through and said she's rubbing her face... a sure sign she's ready for bed!)  Jack and Jess are in bed though... and I think I may head up the stairs pretty quick myself!!  Goodnight all!

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