Saturday, January 5

I love you guys.

Today, according to Flylady, is Family Fun Day.  Ours started off well... I got up at 5:40 to feed the baby and ended up staying up since I was wide awake.  I got ready, cleaned up the bathroom and the kitchen etc and just generally made a good start to the day.  Charlotte and Jess got up early too and were surprised to see I was already up and about.  Mary came at 9 to visit and pick up Charlotte and they left around 10.  I decided to check my email about that time and that's when I heard about Alaina.  Alaina is an online friend of mine.  I've known her for years on a homeschooling list I belong to and also on Facebook.  She is a w... she was a wonderful woman, writing long posts about her family, her animals, her love of beautiful coats... she had 6 children and a husband who seemed to love her with all his heart.  She suffered a horrendous accident a few years ago and was still traumatized by it.  She underwent countless painful surgeries and was still in recovery.  Yesterday afternoon her and her husband were involved in another car accident.  He survived, Alaina did not.  The shock of discovering that one of your friends has died is unbelievable.  Only yesterday I was reading one of her posts online and now she is gone.  Her loss has impacted so many people, far and wide but of course the biggest impact will be on her beloved family.  What can I do to help them?  So very, very tragic.  In order to honor Alaina I want to make sure that my friends know how special they are and how much I love them.  Over the next few days I will take a moment and write a few words to each of my friends letting them know how much they mean to me.  I hope Alaina knows how many people cared about her and what a big hole she is leaving.

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Shel said...

so true. A light will be missing from my world.