Friday, February 1

One of these days is not like the other!! :D

Well I thought today was going to go one way, but it swung around and went in another direction.   It basically swayed like a tree in the wind, and I just hung on for the ride.  It wasn't crazy or anything, just not what I was expecting!!  I guess that shows me, eh?  Don't expect, just ride.

Well I decided to get on and get the living room all done in one go instead of doing it every day last week.... Monday through Thursday were rather ugh days with fog, and snow, and cold etc.... today felt like a day to get stuff DONE so I did this week's missions all at once.  I took anything out of the living room that didn't belong, I checked under the couch cushions, I dusted everything that needed dusting ( HAH!  Get a log fire and see what DOESN'T need dusting!! ) and I moved the furniture and vacuumed along the baseboards and around the whole room.  The place looks lovely now!!
I made a simple pasta and cheese sauce dinner with another loaf of banana bread for tonight, I've got the kids to sleep ( well, Jessie is still awake in her room but the other two are sleeping )I'm showered and ready for bed and I can't WAIT to sit down and rest.  Hooo boy.  Busy, busy day...

But now for something completely different.....  

Miss Millie this morning !!

Cute eh?! :D

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