Thursday, January 31

And January is GONE! 1/12 of the way through the year!! :D


Today was super....  Rex had to get up early to go to Omaha for a root canal.  That wasn't super.... but since he got up early that meant I got up early and was able to get a great start on the days chores and so on.  Millie got up early too though.... so.... that was sort of that!!!  I did manage to sit on the floor with her and finish off a book I was reading whilst she played happily!

This afternoon I took Jessie to her drama class.. a rather dramatic event all in itself since, whilst the north south roads were dry as bone, the east west roads were THICK ice and snow where it had been drifting and blowing off the fields.  Talk about your terrifying ride!!  It was a pretty quiet journey that's for sure!  We made it one piece though so Jack and I and sat and waited for Jessie, me with my 3 crochet projects and a book to read..... turns out that was rather ambitious of me since, rather than stay sleeping in her car seat, Millie chose to wake up and need a constant supply of milk and attention!  Jack made a new friend and spent some time teaching him the ins and outs of Angry Birds and other assorted games on his MY iPad!!  It's practically his...I barely see hide nor hair of it most days! Jack's new friend's sister joined us and serenaded Millie and me on her violin.  She wasn't allowed to use the "stick" yet, so she just plucked the strings!!

Jack in the corner with his bud, as Millie listens to the violin!

Where IS Perry??
Anyway, we made it home again through the treacherous roads and I spent the rest of the afternoon with laundry and Millie!  She must be growing since she's eating MORE and napping LESS.... dang it. She'll be 10 by the time I get that sweater made for her.... might be a tad small by then!!! :D

When Daddy got home he'd purchased a calendar for Jack.... I THINK he likes it!!!

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