Wednesday, January 30

Snow day! :D

Well... what a week!!  A blown off Monday, a Fog Day Tuesday and today a Gen~ You~ Ine Snow Day!!  Perfect!! ;D  We woke up this morning to six inches of snow so despite a relatively good night's sleep I still felt that we should indulge ourselves once more since we can after all!! I got up and lit the fire and put some Easy Peasy breadstick dough into the oven.  The kids saw the neighbor lady clearing her driveway so they put on their snowgear and went out to help...  they came in to hot chocolate, a warm fire and fresh out of the oven bread!!  Not a bad start to the day at all..!! :D Nor, I might add, a usual one!  I could get used to it though...! We had a lovely day all round really, I got some laundry done, made fabulous soup ( using the left over soup from yesterday and an added ham bone ... oh man, I ate three bowls of it!!! ) and I also spent some time cutting up plastic bags to make plastic yarn!  I'm going to crochet a basket from the bags... they look great!  Right now I'm just cutting and knotting !! ;D I'll keep ya posted how it goes! :D

Stack your plastic bags and then roll them up so you can cut the handles and bottoms off.....

Like this!

undo the strips and, looping them together

make a long string of plastic yarn...

Roll it into a ball and you are ready to go!! ;D 

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