Wednesday, January 16

Sheesh... it's Wednesday... I swear time is starting to go faster.....!!!

Is someone out there spinning the earth a bit faster these days?!? Time is WHIZZING by and needs to SLOW DOWN please!!  I looked at my TINY (Pah!) baby today.. ( well.. hang on,  I look at her all the time of course.. but I really NOTICED today ) and saw how HUGE she is getting!!  She just turned 5 months ( and if I was a GOOD mother I'd have pictures from her photo shoot to share...!! ) ... Oh look!!  What's this!!???  LOL!!

Anyway, yeah, time is going so fast....   yikes....

But... today.... Wednesday... a good day really!  Did my usual morning routine, a little slow starting but I've decided to not let that bother me.  Flylady is all about family and being nice to your kids and all that stuff... she wouldn't want me to get all het up because I haven't done my morning chores yet and allow that to get in the way of my parenting.  Oh no, that is not what she's all about.  So I took it easy on myself, got everything done, got a load of laundry done, got the mission done.. ( actually it turns out I accidentally did today's mission yesterday so I just did yesterday's mission today!!  See how flexible I can be?!? :D )   I got to chat on the phone for an hour with my Best Bud, sat and drank a coffee with my best big girl and watched Frasier and also managed to find time to meet Hubby in town over lunch.  Once I got home I made Leek and Potato soup for dinner!  I also sliced open my thumb with the bread knife and discovered that one of the cats had done something nasty on my bed... which soaked through to the down comforter.  Which meant more laundry.  yeahy.   LOL!!  Ah well..!!  Kids are again sleeping, dishwasher is ready to go, kitchen is clean, I'm showered and ready for bed.... ***contented sigh***  ..... ain't life grand?! :D

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Alicia said...

Love the picture. Beautiful, happy girl! :)