Monday, January 14

Phew... another Monday over with!

Yow.  Why do Mondays stink so much?!!?  This one got off to a shaky start when we discovered it was FOUR degrees outside.  That coupled with the fact we had lit a fire last night and thus the flue was left open all night... as a consequence any heat that HAD been in the house was flying out the chimney at a rate of knots. It took a good while before I felt supple enough to move around the house it was so chilly!!  I eventually got moving and tackled the Whole House Clean (stripping and remaking the beds etc... )  I didn't get the windows washed but got just about everything else done.  The mission today was to clean the extractor fan in the bathroom.  I remember doing that a while back with Flylady so pretty much dreaded doing it today BUT to my surprise it was still in excellent shape.  A quick wipe off and it was clean.  I decided then, since I had extra time, to take the globes off the overhead lights in the bathroom and wash them AND to take apart the glass light fixture on the landing and wash that!!  It was amazing how much BRIGHTER the place looked with all that clean glass!! :D

The rest of the day was taken up with baby care, laundry ( laundry, laundry and some laundry ) a bit of Frasier here and then when I was nursing... oh.... and I made some more cookies.   We just needed some more cookies....!!

On a related note....   I decided to try and see what Millie weighed since we haven't taken her in to the PD for some time.  I stepped on the scale..........     yeah.   There's quite a lot more of Mama than there used to be!!!!!  Oy.

So.  The cookies.  Uh huh, I'll be leaving them for the children.  *hangs head.*   *sighs*

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