Tuesday, January 15

Hmmm... let's see.... Tuesday, right?!? :D

LOL!!  I honestly don't know what day it is most of the time!  The only reason I knew it was Tuesday was because I know the recycling guy came and picked up today!! LOL!!  Thank heavens for the recycle and the trash guys...  I'd NEVER know what day it was otherwise!! :D

Anyway, today I did my Flylady thang.  Today's mission was to wash off the fronts of the bathroom cabinets.  It didn't take me long to do, which is good, because I didn't FEEL like doing ANYTHING today!!  I did all the basic Flylady chores, make up on, dishwasher emptied, load of laundry washed, dried and put away yaddy yaddy yaddy, but didn't feel like doing much of anything else.

SO I got out the world map, US map and the Periodic Table of the Elements poster and the kids and I came up with some new games!! :D  We played three different games with the periodic table and two games with the US map before Millie got fractious and her noises started to freak me out a bit! We decided a little while on the couch with Frasier and some milk would sort her out... and it did!!

I began to get a sneaking feeling that hubby would be coming home early today and, sure enough, when I called him he was already on his way...!!  We did an emergency clear up and I'm amazed at how much got put away in so short a time!!!  I mean the place was a TIP!!!  It looked great when he got home!!  Jessie was a huge help, bless her!!!

Well, baby is calling...  apparently she's busy freaking out Daddy .... crying, laughing, yawning, crying, yawning, fussing.... bed time much?!? :D

Night all!!

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