Friday, January 18

OMG it's Friday again! What a fun day!

Busy fun and full day today... !  Started early enough ( not too early, just right! ) and I needed to get the house ready for company arriving at 11.  First problem arose when I stepped on the top step of the stairs to find the dog had puked on it.  I cleaned that up and manhandled the baby and a basket of dirty laundry down to the top of the basement stairs to find the CAT had puked on THAT one.  Sigh..  I cleaned that up, went into the kitchen and realised the dishwasher had not run last night.  Oh it was all ready to go, powder in etc, just no one pushed start.  And by no one, of course I mean ME.  Tsk.  So there ya have it.  Great start eh!?! :D   Ah well.  The day improved!!  My friend Michele was coming to vist with her kiddoes and a friend of hers.  The house was ready, cookies were baking, kettle was hot.... no Michele.  They said they'd be here at 11.....  11:30....... nope..... 12:00.... nope....12:30.... nope... Jack was sitting by the window asking me every 5 minutes where they were!!  Finally around one they arrived and we were all very pleased to see them!! The kids had lots of fun playing together and Michaela and I had a lot of fun trying to stop her little one from doing a header down the stairs.  Guess I'm not ready for a crawler yet!!  Uh oh!!!  Mary and Charlotte arrived about an hour after Michele so there was more fun, tea and cookies to be had.  Michele had to head back to Omaha after a short while but Mary stayed longer and Charlotte decided to spend the night!!  Dinner was easy and the kids are all busy doing something upstairs!  I'm about to go and get Jack into bed and get myself ready too.  Phew! Busy day!!  I DID do all my basic Flylady stuff BUT haven't yet cleaned the bathroom baseboards.  Won't take me a minute though so I'll do it when I go up to shower.  It's also Boogie Your Backpack, purse and car day today!  I didn't do that either, though it's one of my favorites!  My purse is in good shape and the car is pretty tidy.  I'd like to hoover it, but it's toooo cold for that.  It will be pretty in the summer time! ;D

Toodles y'all!!  Family Fun Day tomorrow!!! ;D

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