Saturday, April 10

Oh you GUYS!!!

WHAT a busy day!!! I know I keep saying that, but, REALLY!! A busy one! ;D

The kids and I went to Boot Camp today for Jungle Kids.... a fun boot camp for children from ages 6-11. My two had a BALL !!! :D Jack's face as he ran and ran and ran..... delighted!! Jack really liked Steve, the gym owner, and kept holding his hand as they were running and he said "I LOVE Bootcamping!!" At the end of the bootcamp the kids and trainers all put their hands into the middle for a cheer. They all shouted "WAY TO GO, JACK" and cheered!!!! How lovely was that?!?!?

After boot camp we went to Rocket Fizz as I had promised the kids I would take them. I let them pick out one candy bar each. I refrained. I don't know HOW I did, but I did. From there, Super Saver! I was in the middle of shopping when Lisa called and asked if I'd like to meet her for soup at Panera!! Well!! Who wouldn't!!?!!? I had some delicious Black Bean soup, the kiddoes had grilled cheese sandwiches and Mac and Cheese. It looked REALLY good!!!!!! After lunch Lisa went home for a meeting and we headed back to our house where we found Daddy laying under the Jeep fixing the fuel line!!! We left him to it and I went inside to clean up the kitchen and to check in with the library to see what they had called about yesterday. Ugh. I'm REALLY glad I did. I'm not going to tell you HOW big the library fine is because my Mum reads this blog and I worry about her heart. Seriously. It's HUGE. I'm going to go in and see if they'll let me stack shelves. For the Rest Of My Life. **sigh**

I decided it would be good for my mental health if I went for a quick run. I headed out to run a mile and did feel a lot better when I got back.

I'd not been back long when I heard the dog barking and Jorie, our neighbor / babysitter had rolled over on her skates to say hello! Jack wanted to go for a ride with her and he got out his little trike to go along!! She was so sweet to him! She told him she'd ride with him tomorrow at 2 o'clock!! He has a date!! ;D He does think she is rather special! ;D

As we were outside when Jorie left we all became enthralled with the ENORMOUS Cherry Picker that was parked in the driveway!! ;D Daddy had brought it over to put up a basketball backboard over the garage. A friend had been using the cherry picker to fix his chimney so we borrowed it when he was through! We managed to persuade the children to ride up in it and I was so proud of Jessie as she overcame her fear of it and ended up driving it herself!!! :D Whilst I was having a ride in it the phone rang and it was Lisa... She was ready to go for our bike ride tonight. Twenty miles. Whoosh!! ;D I ran inside to change, scarfed a cup of red beans with salsa, a vegan sausage pattie and a cup of spinach for my dinner. It was so yummy!! I grabbed my bike, kissed the family and drove off to her house where we put my bike on her bike rack and drove on to Pioneers park.

The wind was blowing in our faces as we took off riding. We made great time and were riding a lot faster than we used to. We decided to ride ten miles then turn back which we don't really like doing, but sometimes you just hafta !! We passed our boot camp place and the tires were still sitting out in the driveway. The temptation was too great so we stopped and I grabbed one ( a HEAVY one it turned out! ) and ran the length of the parking lot and back with it!!! I just wanted to say I'd done it!!! I got back on the bike and pedaled on. Apart from the bugs trying to eat Lisa alive ,there was very little excitement...we turned around to go back.... AND... the wind was in our faces again. We're still trying to figure out how that happened!!

Anyway, we did our twenty miles and the sun was going DOWN!! It was all but dark by the time we reached the car ( which was unfortunately at the top of a huuuuuge long hill...... ) but we made it home, safe and sound. My kiddoes were pleased to see me when I got back and little Jack... man.... he was so tired!!! I lay down with him and talked to him about Jungle Kids..... and he was OUT !!! Sleepy boy!!

My turn next......!!! Snore !!! :D

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Risa said...

Sounds like a VERY full day--even for you! :-) Does your library have a "read away your fines" day? Ours does, and they forgive something like $1 worth of fines for every 15 minutes of resding you do in the library. Or shelving books is good too! :-)