Tuesday, April 6

Bootcamp, crazy kids and maybe there's just something in the air?!?!

Another really quick post tonight, sports fans..... I'm falling asleep at the switch here! ;D

We had a fun day.... I had Boot Camp in the morning, love love love it..... especially when it STOPS!! :D LOL!!! Once I got home it became clear that the children were bound and determined to drive us all BATS!!! They were being so crazy making!!! Gah!!!! We never did really get them calmed down!! Little Alex was a sweetheart though, calling me "Ma" and planting a big kiss out of the blue, right on my cheek!! Bless him! ;D

We did spend a little time cutting plastic bags to pieces to stick on T Shirts tomorrow!! We're going to iron them on....! It should be fun!! We've made up some really funny ones! ;D Photos tomorrow.... really! ;D

The kiddies watched a movie and ate popcorn in the basement... we set up chairs in a row so they could pretend to be in the theatre!! They really seemed to enjoy it!! ;D

Tonight is Alicia's last night here for a while and I'd love to have been able to spend some more time with her, but I fell asleep putting Jack to bed. Tsk. Ah well.... I'll spend some time with her before they leave. Rex is going to drive them home again..... he's so nice!! ;D

Anyway, must go before I fall asleep on my keyboard! ;D


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