Friday, April 9

Sheesh we had a busy one today! ; D

Our day started out fairly busy.... Rex went out at 5:30 am to meet some friends for breakfast. At 8am he met another friend for bagels and discussed a potential job ( fingers crossed ) at 9 am I left the kiddoes at home and headed to Boot Camp just as Rex left the bagel place to head home. I got to Boot Camp at 9:30 and did an hour's work out. At 10:30 I headed home, got home at 11. At 11:15 Rex left to go to Waverly and, simultaneously our friend Mary and her children drove in. We visited and played and drank tea until 6pm when they left. At 6:30 Rex arrived home and changed his clothes. At 7pm Rex left to go and meet a friend for a drink and then a night of bowling!! I got the kids their dinner, started getting them ready for bed and then noticed Jessie's hair was One Huge Knot. Poor girl. It took about an hour and a half to comb it, put conditioner through it and then have her shower it off. She was UNHAPPY. She was tired anyway and hates having me mess with her hair. Ugh. Sooooo, Jack got ready for bed and said he was going to go to his bed and hide. He LOVES to hide. Off he went and I had a suspicion what was going to happen next. Yup. He was right under the covers when I went in..... faaaaaaast asleep! :D Bless him!!


I naively brought my book downstairs after getting my PJ's on ready for bed. I was going to read a book, right after I blogged, cleaned the kitchen, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and folded two baskets of laundry. Har de har. Here I sit. Still. !! I've been trying to get photos together of the past week... I have HUNDREDS!!!!!! It's going to take me For EVER to get them on Blogger, so I have put them up on facebook. If you are not on facebook or you are not on my friends list, feel free to email me and I can email YOU the link to the pics!!! :D I've only put the first batch up tonight.... to come....Easter fun, egg and spoon races, egg tossing, egg decorating, egg hunting, cabbage experiments and ironing plastic bags onto shirts....!!! Can you tell WHY I have so many PICS?!?! :D

More tomorrow folks!! And it's off to the kitchen for me!! :D

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