Thursday, April 8

BootY camp today, tidying the house and date night! ;D

Today's boot camp was all about the butt!! ; D I KNOW it's going to hurt tomorrow!! My free week at N10sive boot camp was up yesterday so this morning I paid my dues and am a fully paid up crazy person member!! Whoooot!! ;D

When I got home and showered etc I started on cleaning up the house... tackling the laundry piles, picking up small toys and so on.... It's almost impossible to keep the house tidy when friends are staying... too much fun to be had!! : D

Tonight Hubby wants me to sit with him and watch a movie! We've hardly had two minutes together since last week and so tonight is catch up night!! I'm looking forward to it. I think we're going to watch The Hangover again... SUCH a funny movie I'm sure we could watch it a dozen times and still laugh like drains!! ;D

Enjoy your evening, folks!


Risa said...

What???? STILL no pics?? :-)

Enjoy your evening.

Missusgarry said...

Ditto Risa!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)