Monday, April 5

Boot camp, friends to play and an acids and bases science experiment!

Wow the days are flying past...!! ;D It always happens when Alicia and gang come to stay!! Happily we have done a lot of the things we had hoped to do and tomorrow we'll get to melting the plastic bags and sticking them onto T shirts...!! ;D

Today I had an 8:30 Boot Camp, went well, not too sore.... tough but not bad at all!! :D

After I got home we faffed about before Mary and the kids arrived and the children promptly disappeared off to explore the park. Once they returned, muddy beyond belief and tick riddled ( yes, ticks. already. sheesh...) then we set up our cool experiment. We boiled Red Cabbage and strained off the water into several glasses. We raided the pantry for acids and bases such as wine, baking powder, vinegar, alum, laundry detergent and hydrogen peroxide. We lined 'em all up and added a drop of either acid or base to each glass of cabbage water and watched the results!!! The water turned shades of blue to hot pink!! It was fabulous and lots of fun!! We'll have to do it again and again!! :D

I took a ton of photos and once my computer is back from the shop I'll add them!!! :D


Missusgarry said...

What a 'fun' way to learn science... I'm sure I'd have enjoyed science more if my schooldays had been so joyous!!! :)

Risa said...

I look forward to the photos--and hopefully more photos and details of Alicia's visit. I'm so jealous that you two live close enough to visit regularly! (Gotta work on beefing up that travel budget). :-)