Wednesday, April 7

Alicia and kiddoes head home, I fall asleep on the couch for 3 hours. Tired much??? :D

This morning started out with us "Gluing" plastic bags onto T shirts with a hot iron! It was fairly successful though some bags melted better than others.... Fun to try though!! The kiddoes all wore their shirts as they got ready to leave. Rex was going to drive the family all back to Le Mars to meet up with Alicia's hubby and they all left at 11 o'clock. The kids and I waved them bye bye and headed back into the house... we always miss them so much as soon as they leave... :(

I was talking to Jack tonight and I asked him what he loved best about the visit. He said he loves Alicia because she read books to him, he loves Alex because he "showed me the fireplace"....( Long story! ) and he then went through the list of all the kids and told me all the good times he'd had with each of them. I love that he loves Alicia and Alex first though!! ;D So sweet! Alicia and the children are family to us. We just love being with them and can't wait to see them again. Every time we get together it's like we've never been apart. We all pick up right where we left off!! Hurry back Minnesota Gang!!

Anyway, I had plans of tidying up the house a bit, catching up on laundry, cleaning up the kitchen and so on, but first I wanted to make myself a cup of tea and I was going to sit on the couch and read some of my book. yah. I made the tea, sat on the couch and yes, I did read my book.... all one and a half pages of it. In only moments I was OUT like a light. I roused a couple of times, opened bleary eyes, tried to wake up.... failed..... back to sleep. I woke up at FOUR THIRTY !!!!!!!! Yow. We spend so much time having fun, walking, playing, doing crafts, chatting, drinking tea, eating dinner, etc etc etc.... there's no time for SLEEP!!!

Early night tonight, folks!! ;D


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Magic and Mayhem said...

Yeah, we're sort of an exhausting group! :) We had such fun and can't wait to come back! Love you!

PS My anti-spam word is snoores! Funny!