Sunday, April 11

LOL!!! Yup.... Another busy day and I'm LOVING it! : D

Today started out with a Sunday morning Boot Camp! ;D After our 20 miles last night I really didn't think we'd be in any shape for exercising but we did AWESOME AND won a competition ( well, it was a three way tie, but still!!) where we won a delicious protein drink!! ;D After Boot Camp I came home and worked on the house a little, showered, changed, read and finished a book, made lunch etc etc.... Jorie, the babysitter from across the road came over to go for a bike ride with the kids and whilst they were out Rex called saying he needed me to run over to Roca and take him some ear protectors.... they were up in the cherry picker trimming trees! I took Lucy and let her run loose around the property for a few minutes whilst we chatted. Lucy was so good and came RUNNING to me when I called her! I was so pleased! I also found a TON of tiny little clay pots which I brought home to plant little seeds or something in ! They are so sweet looking! ;D

Anyway, once the kiddies got back and after Jorie and Jack had played Hyperdash for a while, we went outside to play basketball with Daddy. Then it was time for dinner.... then time for the kiddoes to go to bed!!! They were asleep by 8:30 !!!! Yeeee hawww!! ;D

Now it's time for me to go and sit with hubby and fold 64,000 tons of laundry.... or... I could skip it for one more day...!! ;D

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