Thursday, March 4

More yoga, more bread, some friends stop by, some science experiments, a nature walk, a bit of work and maybe an early night!

We have had another lovely day! We started out the day with Jessie's Nature Plan and did some yoga to start the day ( I'm loving this Yoga thing! ) and the children once again made bread. This time we made whole wheat bread rolls and made the dough into buns, heart shapes, braids and twists ! I got a little bit of work done and then we scurried around to make it look like the house is always tidy (ish!)!! Luckily it wasn't too bad and didn't take much scurrying!

Our friends came over and brought with them some neat science projects for us to try! It was lots of fun and we always enjoy science! There was all together FAAAAR too much giggling going on for it to be "REAL" science though surely!!! ;D We drank several pots of hot tea and we ate the kids bread fresh and hot from the oven with lashings of buttery stuff. Ymmmmmmm!! The children then voted for a Nature Walk so we headed out in the balmy 57 degree heat and looked at the melting snow, saw a squirrel, checked out the ice and basically ran around like maniacs!! They had to leave not long after we got back from our walk and Jack sobbed. He hates when they go!!! : (

I got some more work done over the remainder of the afternoon along with playing with Jack for a while. I'm finding I can manage my work a bit better right now as there doesn't seem to be so much but my desire to spend so much more time with the children and focusing on them makes what little work there is seem trickier to fit in!! ;D

I decided to have the children eat eggs for dinner tonight.... all part of my cunning plan! I blew the eggs into a bowl so Jessie made scrambled eggs and I have 5 lovely white egg shells ready for me to paint tomorrow! I am really looking forward to doing that! ( I know, I'm bonkers! )

Anyway, I thought I'd also have a go at writing my blog a little earlier in the day so that I can spend my evenings with hubby instead of him falling asleep on the couch and me sitting working on the computer all night!! We'll see how it goes! Right now it's Yoga time again and then beady bies for the children!! ;D

I hope your evening goes marvelously and don't forget, there's always room for chocolate! ;D

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Risa said...

Details on the science activity, please. Can't get enough science, ya know. :-)