Sunday, February 28

Ok. So THIS is what "really tired" feels like!!!

Another busy day today! Went back to the farm for one last day ( well, almost!! I guess Rex is going back to help move the last of the cows tomorrow! ) and this time I cleaned the house from top to bottom!! ;D It was actually quite fun and very peaceful as it was literally just me! The kiddoes went with Rex to move furniture and cows and I just cleaned! Poor Laura, the owner of the farm, was mortified that I was cleaning it all for her and tried to convince me that she was "fine" and could get around "Much better now" since dislocating her knee on Friday. Yah. Right. Silly woman! ;D Anyway, I thought it would be really awesome if you knew you had a whole house to clean AND you had a bum knee AND you had a bunch of little kids, a new house to move into, a boat load of chickens, a heap of cattle, a lamb, a calf, a dog and a kitten and someone ELSE cleaned the house for ya !! ;D How cool would THAT be!?!?! :D I did work like a dog, but I wanted Laura to be really happy with the results! I hope she is! What I did notice though was no matter how much work I did do, I can only remember the things I didn't get done. I didn't get the walls painted, I didn't get the fridge cleaned out etc etc. Funny that.

Anyway, I'm going to drink a nice hot cuppa tea and go to bed. I've got a ton of work work to do first thing in the morning but then.. well, you never know, maybe I'll go back to bed when I'm done!!! Whooo hooo!! ;D


Missusgarry said...

D'ya know, you are SUCH a good and kind friend - I'd love a friend here like yooooo!!!! (Rex always pulls out the stops too when it comes to 'helping folks'!) Well done! You must be feeling exceedingly satisfied after all that cleaning ... :) ...not to mention totally jiggerrrred!!! (Scottish accent!!) xx

LISA said...

You are awesome!! :)

Samantha said...

Wow! You rock!!