Monday, March 1

Sleeping in, catching up, hanging around and freaking out!

Today was a much slower day than of late!! ;D I slept in a little bit this morning though had to get some paperwork done before 8 so didn't sleep in as long as I'd have liked...!! ;D I got lots of work done, tidied the house a little bit and sorted the laundry. I had visions of stripping the beds, emptying the trash, washing the windows etc but happily all that passed without incident! ;D I did hear from two friends who both said they'd like to come over for an hour or two around one o'clock! How perfect is that!?! Two friends, two sets of kiddoes, both at the same time!! Yeahy!! I LOVE impromptu gatherings!!! ;D Jessie was over the moon and Jack was excited as always to see his buddies "Wiyl and Sarlotte" !! He hadn't seen Elayne and her boys for a long time so they had changed quite a bit. Jack really seemed to enjoy having them around too! ;D It was lovely for me to sit and chat for a while with a cuppa tea! I felt bad for not having any nibbles to speak of, but hey, maybe they'll come back for project day on Thursday and I'll have something yummy then! ;D

The kids and I spent the rest of the day hanging around the house. It's finally starting to warm up out there, the snow is melting, birds are flitting around and the sun was out today!! ;D YEAHY!!! Soon it will be time for walks with the dogs and bike rides with Lisa...!! Speaking of which, once the mail came today I was in a real tizzy!!! Our BRAN registration forms have arrived !!! YIKES!!! I'm both excited and terrified at the same time!! I'll feel much better when I've been back on my bike for a while and can imagine riding 85 miles in one day. Right now, if I had to leave today, well, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty!! ;D I'll be much more excited when I'm back in the biking groove! ;D
Anyone got a spare bike they can lend me!?!? :D LOL!!!

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