Tuesday, March 2

Trying to take things slowly, spending hours shopping, the check is in the mail and felting eggs!

I found a lovely website through facebook the other day, and this little project really appealed to me! I talked to Jessie this morning about trying to be more mindful of our days and the way we spend our time and she totally jumped on board with it. We decided to slow things down, stop with the TV and computer and just be more connected. Well the first thing we did was to go shopping!!! If we were going to make felt eggs, why, we needed to get some wooden ones first! ;D I also wanted to get a new quiche plate from Goodwill so I can gift it to some friends when I make them a quiche tomorrow! Anyhoo... we went to Goodwill, and to Micheal's and we spent hours upon hours browsing... but we still had a great time! After all the shopping and browsing I swung by Lisa's house to collect her check for the BRAN ride! Gotta say, those ain't no small checks... the sure add up!! ;D Anyway, picked up her check and dropped it at the post office so they are on their way!!! Fingers crossed we get a slot!! ;D

Finally we made it home and made some felt eggs. I've never done anything like this before but we gave it a good try and they turned out really well!! I did run them through the washer and dryer to be sure they turned out but I'm really excited by them and want to make a hundred more! I just need a source for wool roving and a felter's needle too!! ;D

Here are a few pics of our eggs... the idea is to fill them with little treats or signs of spring and hide them around the yard. I think they are lovely! I MAY try some needle felting on the big white one, though I've never done that before either! ;D

Jack LOVED the roving and kept rubbing it on his cheeks!! He also grabbed it and ran off with is screaming YOU USE THE RED ONE!!! Little monkey! ;D

( sorry, I'm rushing! Hubby wants to watch a movie with me! ;D Yah... all this talk of slowing down and now I'm rushing to watch TV!! Still have some room for growth there!??!! I DID do some meditation and yoga with the kids tonight and put them both to sleep!! That was pretty special! ; D....)

OK!! Ok!!! I'm coming!!! ;D.............


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Risa said...

Best of luck with the slowing down. I am finding time moving faster and faster the older I get!