Saturday, March 20

Another slow start, Eight minutes of Tae Bo can hurt, so long, little fishies, a van full, a Lawn and Leisure show and a bike trainer! ;D

Rex was up and ready to go to the Lawn and Leisure show to help sell some furniture with our friends at Yoder's Amish Furniture! I was SOOOO not inclined to get up so I lay around until the yelling started downstairs and I hustled down in my Pj's to knock heads together!! ;D Whilst downstairs I checked mail and chatted on the phone with my Mum..... hours passed...!! I realised I had to get going as I was planning on picking up Elayne's hubby and kids to take them to the show as Elayne was working there TOO! :D Before I left though I needed to do a quick work out. I figured 8 minutes of Tae Bo couldn't hurt anybody.... right!?!?!? WRONG!! Man that man is SICK!! ;D Still, I did it and hustled to the shower to freshen up !!!

After my shower and getting dressed of course, I had to get all my lady fishes gathered together with two lucky males in order to take them to this poor guy who answered my Craigslist ad WEEKS ago and I kept promising I'd get in to drop them off!!! Today was to be the day! ;D I also found a library book that was overdue and needed to be returned and I knew that today the Yankee Candle place had all votives for $1 so I needed to plan to go there and get some more!!! Rex called and asked me to bring lights, an extension cord and some twist ties so I started to gather them together THEN realised that I didn't have the van seat installed in the back of the van as I had removed it on Thursday when I went to pick up Lisa and her bike... SO I installed the seat ( which had been snowed on, by the way! )

I got the kids cleaned up and ready to go, I'd packed a bag with a change of pants for Jack, just in case. I had phoned the Fish guy for his address and had google mapped Elayne's address and fish guy's so my errands should run smoothly. He was leaving his house at 3 so I had to get there before then.... I checked to make sure I had my badge to get me into the show, there it was, hanging on it's lanyard around my neck. We were JUST about to leave when I realised the children hadn't eaten any lunch and 8 minutes of Tae Bo can leave a person surprisingly hungry. I quickly whipped up a smoothie ( banana, rice milk, blueberries, organic orange juice concentrate and some chia seeds ) and Jack and I slurped them up. Jessie, who claims not to like smoothies, had an apple. And a taste of Jack's smoothie. Whereupon she decided she would like one. She was informed that this was not very likely as I'd just emptied the blender, maybe next time... go go go !! ;D

We got out to the car. I ran to get the extension cord from the garage, checked the mail box on the way out the driveway and off we went. I followed Google Maps ( which was stupid. What's WITH Google Maps?!!?? Do they deliberately pick the most unlikely route???? On the way home I realised how easy it would be to get to Elayne's house... following the directions was ridiculous!!! ***sigh*** ) needless to say I got lost....!!! BAH!!! I finally found it, thanks to my COMPLETELY IGNORING the map and following my BRAIN instead. ( who knew!! ) Still I was running short of Fishy time so we hustled to get the three extra kiddoes, two extra car seats, and the assorted paraphernalia that goes with kids into the van. The children were all so agreeable about their cramped quarters and got along great. I looked at my clock and had ten minutes to get to fish guy! Jay navigated and we sped off ( very carefully, Elayne!! )with a van full of small persons!!! We found fish guy with but a minute to spare and he was very gracious about accepting my fishies! I'm sure they'll have a lovely new home with him!.... From the Fish Guy to the Show!! ;D We drove there without incident and I parked impressively in a rather tight gap quite near the doors. It was at that moment that Jay realised he'd forgotten his tickets. I said, well, I have my super duper pass....and I pulled up my lanyard.... which was empty. Wah?!!? We searched the van, looked under the car seats, looked everywhere. Nothing !!! LOL!! So both of us thought we'd done a great job to get the kids organised and I'd remembered all of Rex's stuff and to drop off the fish find a library book and all that... and somehow NEITHER of us had our passes!!! HILARIOUS!! I called Rex and he sorted it all out for us after I had repeated myself a few times... yes... yes.... neither of us have got our tickets. Yes. Yes....!! ;D

We all struggled out of our seats, the little kiddoes put on their back pack / reins / tails and my bigger two just hopped out ( ah the joys of older children! ) but GAH!! It was FREEEEZING out. The wind was whistling and it was only 35 degrees. We fought the wind all the way to the doors ( spotting a parking place only TWO spots away from the door.... dang it! ) and walked in.... only to find we were in the wrong building and we had to harangue the poor kids all the way back and across the parking lot.....!! Poor blighters! ; D FINALLY we got inside and it was lovely and toasty warm. After about ten minutes it was a bit TOO toasty and after twenty minutes the swimming pool displays were in danger of being leaped in. We were shedding layers left and right to try and cool off!!! Anyway, the kids played "find as much free candy and loot as you can" ... they also played on the playground display stuck their fingers in the water fountain displays, made face masks, got balloons and enjoyed the heck out of their little selves! ;D It's one heck of a job keeping track of two toddlers and two older kids though... they seem to move so fast!! It was pretty noisy too and before long we all decided that we'd had enough fun and it was probably time to go home!! ;D We loaded back up, called in at Runza for some lovely hot fries and then dropped everyone off at home. Jay and Elayne said I could borrow their bike trainer so he got it out the garage for me and we put it in the back of the van!! ( I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to set it up!! Tomorrow I'll put on a movie in the basement and hop on my bike for a few miles!! ;D Wheeeeeee!!! )

We waved goodbye, the kids wanted to visit with each other some more but we thought another day would be a better idea, so I took my two and headed south! ;D We stopped at the library on the way home, Yankee Candle where I picked up a few more votives and Jack had me smell EVERY SINGLE ONE and also Super Target's pharmacy to pick up my prescription ( duh! Closed!! ) and spent a lot of time checking out the toys ( kids ) and the yoga / biking / camping stuff ( me! ) We actually left without buying ANYTHING!!! It's a miracle folks, I don't think I've EVER done that before!!! We eventually got home about 8pm... just in time for bed!!! ;D

Rex arrived home just as Jack was about to fall asleep so he came up to say goodnight... and what had he found on the floor outside the garage door???? Yup..... my pass. !!! LOL!!!

What a full and fun day!! ;D

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