Tuesday, March 16

LOL!! Monday.... a LOT like Sunday! ;D

Another day with not much of note...!! ;D I always say that then think of a dozen things we did, of course !!

Jessie tried to buy a $50 violin on Amazon.... and then we realised she would totally be wasting her money! The ONE review it had said it would be best used as kindling! ;D Ah..!! :D She appreciates that you get what you pay for and I'd hate for her to have a go at an instrument and to give up because it sounds crappy ( I mean, for reasons other then the obvious!!! )

Um...... Oh I ranted about an article on the homeschool list I belong to! That was fun!!

I did a bit of work... not as much as I would like, but that's the way the whole wheat cookie crumbles... ( especially if you don't put enough butter in it...! )

I spoke to my Mummy..... I also got a parcel in the mail from her with a really nice sporty top in it and several WISPA bars!! ;D ( I ate one tonight by dunking it into hot coffee and sucking it!!! YUMMMMMERS!!!! **happy sigh**!! ;D )

Um.... we went out for dinner with my friend Lisa and her family! That was a nice treat!!! ;D We all ate faaaaar too much, but it was VERY tasty!! I do wish I'd had a Margarita though!!! They are the best in town! ( apparently!! I wouldn't know or anything...!! )

I talked to Jessie about Fibonacci numbers and Pascal's triangle. She was thrilled by the idea of figuring out if a number could be divided by three by adding the digits together. If they make a multiple of three then the whole number is a multiple of three! We played LOOOOOTS of games where she would give me some outrageously large number and ask me if it could be divided by three!! ;D ( that's MATH there people! ;D ) She's also been coloring in some of those optical design pattern books and really enjoying it!! I am so glad she likes them! I used to LOVE those things! ;D I've spent a lot of time marveling at how much I have to do and yet not actually doing any of it. It's quite a skill I have!! I could spin in place for the Olympics!! Anyhoo!! Tomorrow is another nother day and I have BIG plans for it!! HUGE!!! You wouldn't believe me if I told you what they were.... so I won't... and we'll just find out together, won't we!! ;D


Risa said...

Then Jessie will also enjoy knowing that the sum of the digits of any number divisible by 9 is itself divisible by 9 (e.g, 81 = 8+1 = 9 so yes; 639 = 6+3+9 = 18, so yes; 555 = 15, so no). And any EVEN number divisible by 3 is divisible by 6 (cuz it's divisible by 3 and 2, being even, and 3x2 is 6.) Fun, eh?

Missusgarry said...

Oh blimey... Wish I'd had Risa for a maths teacher....... that way I wouldn't be half as dumb as I am at maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the blog ... SO funny!!! :) xx