Tuesday, March 16

I THINK it was Tuesday today.....

Yowzah!! Ever had a day that flew by so fast at the end of it you aren't even sure WHAT day it WAS?!?! I've still got whiplash from this one! ;D

We all slept in, again. I chatted on the phone with my pal Lisa in Michigan only to be reminded by my husband that I had said I would take Jack in for a haircut at noon. Um... it was 10:20. No biggie, right?? Except only Jessie was dressed...!! We hurtled around to get ready, Rex left to run errands and said he'd meet us there.... we shot off and got to the appointment on time... phew! Jack was SOOO good and looks great! He loves to get his hair cut and is always so proud at how han'some he is ! :D

After haircuts...lunch at "Shimmy Shons".... Oh I LOVE their sandwiches and I realised today if I get a Vegetarian #6, no cheese, no mayo and an UNWICH it will be RAW and I can still EAT IT!! :D Yeahy!!!!!!!! Yeah. I know. I'm an idiot and this too shall pass...!! Keep watching this space and something shiny will no doubt catch my attention, until then, do like my husband does and just nod your head and indulge me?! :D

Anyhoo, after lunch....GROCERY SHOPPING!!! Whoot. The kids were really good and we just ambled around the store. I KNOW that buying fruit and veg that is not organic WILL NOT KILL ME. But I CAN NOT bring myself to do it. I can not. **sigh** I try... I'll even pick the stuff up... but I can't bring myself to buy it. I KNOW I'm an idiot, I KNOW it's not rational... but there ya go. You knew that about me before I did! ;D So anyway, our grocery shopping consisted of a whole lot of cleaning things, laundry stuff and glad wrap. I called Rex and asked him to pick up a whole bunch of FOOD from the Organic Store... ya know, where it's good and cheap. ( sarcasm people! )

Actually the sarcasm is mostly because my head is KILLING me tonight. Another migraine. Thanks. And just my size!

I'm going to go to bed and sleep it off... typing is becoming difficult as I keep having to backspace... one mistake after another....!!! Just have time to say....

MY BRAN TICKET ARRIVED TODAY!!!!! Looks like I am one of the lucky ones who gets to ride FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE MILES in 5 days.....!!!! um..... Whee???!! :D

( actually I'm really excited about it. Migraines make me a little pissy (er) ! ;D )

Goodnight Peeps! :D

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Risa said...

Congrats on getting into BRAN! I am so looking forward to reading your blogs about the experience (and the training leading up to it)!