Sunday, March 21

Friends for bagels, tea and chatting, friends and family calling, two hours on the bike, a walk with the dogs and lasagne for dinner!

My friend Sandi and her gorgeous kiddoes came over today bearing a giant bag of bagels and cream cheese!!! We sat and drank tea and caught up on each other since it has been MONTHS since we saw each other last. The kids played happily and we yapped and yapped!! After they went home I chatted on the phone with my pal Alicia and then talked for a while with my Ma ! THEN I headed downstairs to my bike!!! The trainer that Jay lent me is set up so I took my copy of the Sex and the City movie, told the kids to stay upstairs and I biked and biked and biked! ;D I'm not sure how many miles I'd have done since the bike computer is rigged to the front wheel and that doesn't spin when I ride... hopefully Rex can switch that out for me soon, but I did ride for 129 minutes! My legs were pretty stiff when I got off so I did some yoga stretches and some sit ups and then suggested a quick dog walk! The kiddoes and I, the dogs and one kiddie bike made the short jaunt around the blocks and down the hill and back. Just enough to stretch every body's legs! ;D Rex got home not long after we did and he was carrying Vegetarian Lasagne and garlic breadsticks...!! Oh YUM!! I stuffed myself!!!

The kids are now sleeping and I'm headed, once again, for the couch!! An early night tonight I hope! ; D

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