Friday, March 19

Starting out starving, some stretching, snowing and snoring.

I was STARVED when I woke up this morning!! I'd forgotten THAT little side effect of riding! Oh and my Bee~hind was not happy with me either!! LOL! I read some info today on the BRAN ride and they mentioned that we can expect to burn 6000 calories per day. Um. SIX THOUSAND?!?! Sheesh! ;D That sounds like quite a lot, but then I guess, when you think about Pie... it's not so much really!! ;D

I couldn't ride today if I'd tried as the weather decided that the warm weather was too much, too soon, so it's snowing. Ooooo ....kkkkkaaaay. *sigh*. Buuuut I did go to the basement and stretched my muscles along with the Billy Bank's Tae Bo DVD. Holy cow. It's no wonder Lisa is so damn fit. I only did the 30 minute work out and I about DIED!! She used to do the one hour one. I have SOOOOO much training to do! ;D

Hmmm..... I wonder if there is any parenting stuff I should mention today????!! ;D Ummmm.....!! Oh yes!! We did do Child's Play Domino Math today which was fun and I showed Jessie how, if she turns the domino vertically we can make fractions! I'm going to have her work on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions with the dominoes...!! Swwwweeeet! ; D

Anyway, the snoring part of the title is what I aim to do very soon.... but first.... a cup of coffee and a bit of a read is in order! ;D .... and maybe a liiiittle chocolate! ;D


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Risa said...

Thanks for the math link with the dominoes--I'll have to poke around there a bit, but it looks like there are lots of great ideas. Keep up the workouts--my 3 weeks off the ankle is up today, and assuming my stomach and the rest of me holds out, I am going to try a VERY LIGHT workout tomorrow again. Yeah!