Thursday, March 18

Friends to visit, a walk to the park and a 14 mile bike ride!

We had a lovely day today! ;D Our friends Mary, Will and Charlotte came to visit and we played and played... well the kids did, Mary and I talked and talked and drank some tea... and some more tea...!! Later the children persuaded us to go for a walk to the park where they played basketball, played on the playground equipment and played Tennis. Mary and I talked and talked....!! ;D They had to leave after another too short visit and shortly after that I got hold of Lisa and we arranged a bike ride... the first of the year.... dum dum duuuuummmm!! ;D It took a bit of sorting and she didn't have her bike rack on the car and I had to watch the kiddoes, so we drove up to get her in the van and got home just as hubby was driving in!! Lucky for US as he was able to inflate our SEVERELY deflated tires....we've got a LOT to learn...!! ;D We set off, wobbling all over the place and gear shifters grinding as the children and Rex worriedly waved us adieu..! We soon realised that riding a bike is exactly like, well, riding a bike and we got back in the swing of it pretty fast. One of us got back in the swing of it a LOT faster than the other and the other got left behind more than once, though one of us DID take the time to stop and wait for the other.... ugh....!! The other should have done the boot camp perhaps!! : } Anyway, we had a really nice ride, lots of HILLS and THICK GRAVEL both of which were unexpected developments along the way... biking in really thick gravel is SO hard!!! We made it home and had ridden 14 miles. Not bad for our first day out... we now have 8 weeks to get up to 100 miles a day. Um.... !!!

Don't tell Lisa but I could barely walk when I got in the door and my legs felt like Jello!! Shhhhh!!!

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Missusgarry said...

Well..... good lucccckkkk then... that's about all I can say (and I thought I was crackers!!!!!!!) You'll do it... I know it!!! xx