Thursday, March 18

Sleeping in, cleaning house, friends to visit and MORE friends to visit!

What a great day!!! It started out nicely by my waking up and thinking it was probably about 6:30 or so and finding out it was already 7:30!! I'd slept really well and felt great! I puttered around the house as usual and chatted on the phone with my friend Elayne and arranged for her and her family to come over and visit around 4 pm. I wrote a quick Examiner article as I felt so guilty I hadn't written in MONTHS... I scurried around and tidied the house and was ready when they arrived around 4 laden with TWO pies from Village Inn!! ;D (Slurp!)

We sat and chatted and the kids played... we drank tea and coffee, ate pie, chatted, the kids played.... repeat... and repeat..... and repeat.....about 8:30 the phone rang... it was the Stunning Lisa B asking if her and hubby could come over and visit since they were out and about!! SURE !! The more the merrier!!! We made more tea, ate more pie... chatted....!!! We all sat around and talked and talked and talked!!! ;D I had a wonderful time!! Once 11pm rolled around all the children were about done in!! The grown~ups realised that it was probably time for them to go home and everyone left together. It was a totally spontaneous really wonderful day and I LOVED it. I have such great friends and am so very thankful for that.

And now.... to bed! Looking forward to another friend filled and fun packed day tomorrow! ;D

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LISA said...

I'll never live that down. Sigh. ;)