Saturday, February 27

Just a quick one before I fall asleep!


Another day down on the farm!! This time moved another trailer load of furniture, some sheep, some cows and a donkey. One more day to go and then it should aaaaaaalll be done!!! Phew!! Farm life is exhausting!! ;P The children had a blast though... they got to play on the trampoline all day long.....

I love these pics of the kids bouncing soooo high!! Jack didn't dare stand up so the girls took it upon themselves to BOUNCE HIM as high as they could! ;D

This is a photo we took last night of me and the lamb! It looks like a happy little thing, doesn't it?!?! :D

Well we are all exhausted. The kids are sleeping, hubby is sleeping, if it wasn't for the cat playing marbles under the bed I'd still be sleeping in Jack's room with him!! Ugh!! Night night all! ;D

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Samantha said...

I love all the pics!!!